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HoSkar Night: Connecting Hospitality and Real Estate Industry Players

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - On May 29th, WeHub has brought back in Phnom Penh the vibrant and exclusive networking event, HoSkar Night, that will take place at Tribe Phnom Penh Hotel, the event will bring together industry experts and thought leaders for an engaging panel discussion and networking session.

The event series has been expanding its reach across different countries. HoSkar Night is renowned for its ability to connect hospitality and real estate industry players, providing a platform for professionals to engage with real estate developers, hotel owners, designers, general managers, senior industry leaders, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Mauro Gasparotti, Director at Savills Hotels, Founder of WeHub, and the host of the HoSkar Night explained that, “The hospitality and real estate market in Cambodia is evolving rapidly, following global trends and the evolution of the travel industry, as well as increasing living standards of local residents. It is important to engage with local and international experts to stay updated and share market knowledge. The success of a development is no longer simply based on location or timing; it requires the ability to deliver quality, innovation, and true value to guests. The HoSkar Night event is tailored to bring expertise together, connecting local industry leaders and foreign experts in a more vibrant and engaging way compared to typical conferences, with the intention of creating a single community of business-minded people focused on creating value and synergies. We look forward to welcoming senior industry professionals to our upcoming event in Phnom Penh.”

Insightful Panel Discussions: HoSkar Talk

The event will kick off with a panel discussions, known as HoSkar Talk, from 4:45 PM to 6 PM, where industry experts will share their insights on the resort development process. With a focus on various aspects including design, operations, business development, and construction, the panelists will provide valuable perspectives drawn from their extensive experience in the field. 

Among the panelists is Alessandro Mangano, Partner at AEC, who will share his expertise on Architecture and Design, offering unique insights into the creative and technical aspects of resort development process. Alongside Alessandro, the other panelists are Carolina Fagnani, Vice President, Development at Radisson Hotel Group; Edward Lee, CEO at Prince Real Estate Group; Stefano Riciputi, Regional Director Project & Cost Management at Archetype Group; Paul D. Volodarsky, Partner and Head Of Regional Real Estate & Hospitality at DFDL; Douglas Louden, Principal at Perceptions Hospitality; Craig Douglas, Executive Vice President, Head of Asset Management at Lodgis Hospitality Holdings; Melita Koulmandas, CEO and Founder at Song Saa Collective; Rocky Khou, Chief Executive Office at Khou Group; Marta Grutka, Global Brand Strategist at Travel + Leisure Co. International; David Richard, Head Of Division, Hospitality & Tourism at Canopy Sands Development; and Paul Perrottet, General Manager at TRIBE Phnom Penh.

Following the panel discussion on the Resort Development Process and Hospitality Market Outlook, the HoSkar Night networking event will commence at 6 PM.

Co-hosted by Hafele Cambodia and Savills Hotels, in partnership with Salto Wecosystems, Radisson Hotels Group and supported by Seara Sports Systems Cambodia, Archetype Reality, Cambodia Hotel Association, Architectural Engineering Consultants, Eurocham Cambodia, Confluences Trading, Cambodia Investment Reviews and PR Newswire.

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