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Our reputation is based on our ability to translate clients aspirations into architecture. An experienced team of designers and managers lead every project, providing the diverse knowledge that is essential to success.



Innovation, creativity and design excellence are the guiding aspirations for our engineering practice. We believe in pushing boundaries, we develop structural system that embody high level of efficiency and beauty. We merge engineering expertise with artistic vision. Through research on new typologies, technologies and materials. We continue to improve structural systems.



Our multidisciplinary expertise, collaborative culture, and global experience enable us to conceive solutions. We believe sustainability inspires great architecture, that's why we place sustainability at the core of every project, we work to reduce carbon impacts. We integrate environmentally sound principles at every stage of a project.


A deep understanding of place guides our analytical, strategic and inclusive design approach. Urban design help to solve our most pressing environmental challenges. We create master plans that incorporate urban systems for resiliency, efficiency and livability.


We are at the forefront of creating high-performance buildings that are environmentally responsive and exemplars of sustainable design. We design buildings that respect their urban context. Our architects and engineers collaborate to improve designs and structural systems that set new standards for high-rise architecture.


Modern Housing Complex


Our growing residential portfolio features a diverse mix of projects, from loft gardens penthouse in residential buildings to vision plans for sustainable communities. From United Kingdom to Cambodia, clients around the globe look to AEC to produce distinctive modern living. Our multidisciplinary team continually explore innovative ways to make the places people live more resilient, efficient, pleasing and inviting. In a world increasingly defined by urbanization and globalization, we respond by grounding our project in their local environments.

Modern Building


We live in a dynamic, ever changing world, today's cities need smartly designed building and spaces that can perform different functions. People are demanding more of the mixed use environments unlock the possibilities of a different urban lifestyle. We continue to redefine urban development, the interstitial spaces between buildings where a city's soul lives and interactions reside. We're skilled at the complex challenges that arise when designing mixed-use projects that elevate the human experience.

Hotel Pool


We focus on creating memorable experiences that exceed guest's expectations, no matter if the project is new construction, renovation or reuse. Our approach to design integrates our expertise in planning, architecture, interior design and branding. 

Our designers work alongside with owners, investors, operators, enabling us to address needs holistically and respond with comprehensive solutions. Our designs provide extraordinary guest experience and lasting value in all sectors from luxury to select service hotel and restaurants.

Apartment Building


Our retail service allows us to evolve offering and experiences in step with evolution of any given customer group, that maximize engagement between brand and its customers. Great architecture is the product of communication and collaboration. Working with brands no matter how large or small, we take your project from concept to completion. Curiosity, creativity and intelligence are the hallmarks of our design teams who balance beauty and performance in each environment we create.

Modern House


Working at various scales, we are dedicated to dissolving boundaries and advancing an integrated approach to finding solutions.

Architecture offers a tangible connection to the past, helping us to understand the values and lives of the people who became before. Also, we understand the importance, challenges and benefits of building renovations. We believe that restore, readapt and renew that ensure yesterday's space remain relevant into the future. 

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